Consistent texts through author support from itl

Partnership with itl

In the form of itl, Expert Communication Systems GmbH has got one of the leading service providers for technical translations on its side.

The optional link to [i]-match, the intelligent author support software from itl, guarantees you can achieve terminological and phrase consistency. This claim is backed up by itl's 30 years of experience in technical documentation. As a result, using [i]-match in conjunction with SMC leads to high-quality texts, avoidance of text variants in the source text, and thus reduced translation costs.

The advantages of [i]-match:

  • Consistent formulations – worldwide
  • Reduced translation costs
  • Uniform use of company
  • Automatic terminology extraction
  • Automated proofreading
  • Web-based evaluation portal

"The [i]-match product from itl can be integrated into SMC if required, paving the way for our customers to achieve greater text consistency and lower translation costs." Claudius Jacoby, Managing Director of Expert Communication Systems GmbH